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Music and Song for All Ages

Ross is best known as a singer of Scandinavian and Celtic songs and also has a wide repertoire of American traditional and popular songs. He is at home in any situation from concert hall to school, from outdoor festival to senior center, both as a solo performer or with additional musicians or dancers.
Ross accompanies himself on guitar, dulcimer, button accordion and bodhran, the Irish goat-skin drum. 


He is happy to tailor a program to a sponsor’s event, such as songs of immigration and pioneers for museums and schools, Irish and Scottish songs for Celtic festivals, or Scandinavian singing games and dances for Midsummer or Christmas celebrations.

Ross’s instrument building workshops are a special treat for children and families. His popular one-string dulcimer and dancing limberjack building workshops are time-tested and always lead to successful completion and an instrument that will last for years.

Ross's work is featured on the recordings Walking on Air, Up the Raw, Crossing the Shannon, Hunger No More, Songs By Heart, Over the Water, Ye Banks and Braes, and on his highly popular children's CD, Mama Will You Buy Me a Banana?